A Peterborough Pastime

September 27, Tuesday. A Peterborough Pastime

img_3167On Tuesday, Diane and I took an unusual holiday to Peterborough. I had volunteered to help lead a workshop doing the Blanket Exercise for Classis Quinte of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) at Living Hope CRC in Peterborough. To avoid the drag of traffic through Toronto and to visit our granddaughter Janelle at Trent University, I took Diane along and we made a whole night and day of it. We left home Monday evening and stayed at a hotel very close to the church. A good meal at Tim’s started the day off right. Diane could even get oatmeal porridge, just like at McDonald’s in London, England! I took coffee and eggs.

At church I met former acquaintances, including Pastor Shawn and former co-teacher Will, now the leader of our presentation. Our presentation used the third version of the script, which included some interesting history. We had about seventy participants who seemed to really engage in the exercise. While I was doing this, Diane went to several quilt shops. We had a lovely lasagna lunch at the church and said goodbye to a number of new friends.

In the afternoon we visited the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough. The museum is a great place to explore the role of canoes in opening up Canada and allows you to try out various things. I got to see my cutie try on a Hudson’s Bay coat. While we were there, a 93-year old woman was talking with the curator trying to track down where a folding canoe was that her father had given the museum quite a while ago. The curator knew what she was talking about and it looked as if they would be able to answer her question about that inheritance gift.

At four o’clock we drove up to Trent University to the bookstore where we had arranged to meet Janelle. There she was! I took a parking ticket for too long, but gave it to a student when we left. Janelle gave us a tour and told us she had won a spot on the university’s volunteer Emergency Response Team. (She’s following in your footsteps, Greg!) Trent has a lovely campus. Following this, we drove downtown and got a tour there. It took too long to find a suitable restaurant, given that I didn’t want Thai and Diane didn’t want straight Japanese, but we found a meal. Following that, we brought Janelle home and got a tour and met her friend and her friend’s very friendly dog.

The way home was quite smooth, given we were coming later than the crush of traffic. We arrived home at a good hour and agreed we’d had a wonderful day. The only question I had was whether we had set a precedent and now had to go and visit Katelyn at Laurentian! How about it Katelyn?

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