O Canada! Once More!

2016 February 10. O Canada Once More! In today’s Hamilton Spectator, a letter writer commented:

 Why all the hype to change one little word…who is offended? Is this about being politically correct—did someone say the word “sexist”? Oh, come on folks, do you really stay up at night thinking of such insignificant rubbish? With all the overwhelming events surrounding this world of ours, ISIS, Zika, our province drowning in billions of debt, you are worried about one little word? Geesh, people, get a life!

What do you think of this response, my readers? I have to laugh at the thought that I have been “staying up late at night” over “one” little word while ignoring the real problems of this world. By God’s grace, if every person in the world did the equivalent of changing “one little word,” we could make a difference on all the big problems. That’s my life: change something for the better every day. Remember (in the words of the Christian Reformed Church’s pitch to raise funds): When we add all our little changes, God multiplies them to do something big.

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