O Canada! Again!

2016 February 10. O Canada Again! On February 2, I posted an article about changing the words to our national anthem, “O Canada,” to be more inclusive. A week later, in the Spectator of February 9, the following letter appeared:

Thanks to Herman Proper for suggesting that everyone interested begin using the more inclusive term, “all of us” instead of “all our sons” in the wording of our national anthem, O Canada.

When I became president of the National Council of Women of Canada in 1991, I learned that the NCWC had previously recommended this change—and one other as well—to the government of the day. In the first line of our anthem, we speak of “our home and native land.” For many Canadians, Canada is not our “native” land. Especially at a time when we are welcoming refugees from the Middle East, it would be most appropriate to make an additional change to “our home and cherished land,” the wording proposed by the NCWC several decades ago.

Usually political changes require a groundswell of public support. Perhaps progressive Hamiltonians could lead the way by starting to sing a new version with both inclusive changes, and encourage family and friends to join them.

What do you think? Should we make both of these changes? Actually, let’s sing the anthem this new, more inclusive way!

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