O Canada for Our Daughters!

February 2 Tuesday. O Canada! Today the Hamilton Spectator published my letter to the editor about singing O Canada! I did not read it in the Spec but learned of it in late afternoon when I got an email from my friend Alfie:

“Hi HERMAN, Was very pleased to read your editorial in today’s  SPEC!!! Am VERY jealous of your 15 G children!!!! I have only 4! But you omitted mention your Wood ducks, eh! wish you wellness, Alfie.”

 Thanks Alfie. You would be even more jealous about my 15 grandchildren if you knew how wonderful they all are. And yes, I’ll write about the Wood Ducks (the most beautiful ducks in North America, I think) in some future blog. For today, it’s O Canada!

The Spec article ran under the heading “Let’s change the way we sing our national anthem” and here is what I wrote:

Dear Editor,

I support the attempt by MP Mauril Belanger to have the words of “O Canada” (English version) changed to read: “True patriot love in all of us command” (instead of just “our sons”). But let’s not wait for Parliament to act! I for one, have been singing this version for many decades, particularly as I have two sons and three daughters, and two grandsons and thirteen granddaughters. And a wife! Come on Canadians! Don’t wait for the slow machinery of government to act. Let’s all change the anthem every time we sing “O Canada”!

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