Technological Escalation or Human Reciprocity?

January 23 , 2016. Several decades ago, I was at a conference of the Computer Teachers of Ontario and heard a wonderful lecture by Dr. Ursula Franklin, an engineer who taught at the University of Toronto. She did not wear a microphone as everyone said they could hear her. However, we were in one-third of a ballroom divided by large moveable walls. Next door they started an audiovisual program and we could no longer here her. As she put on her microphone, she lamented that we could not go over and ask them to turn the sound down. She said, and I have remembered her exact words these many years: “It’s too bad that we solve problems by technological escalation instead of human reciprocity.”
Is that not the truth? Think of how this world would be better if we could use human relations, face-to-face, person-to-person, to deal with issues. Alas, we cannot replace our hate with love or even respect.
Lord, have mercy.

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