To Save Your Life, Give It Away

January 18, Monday. “Monday, Monday, Can’t trust that day,” sang the Mama’s and the Papa’s, but that’s not how my Mondays usually go. It was a day of getting things fixed and done. The dentist was first. I had a capped tooth that had come loose three or four times and that was loose again when I accidentally pulled it out with careless flossing. So I shoved it back in and it seemed to stay—loosely, if somewhat morosely—in place until Saturday night. We were baby-sitting for Andrew and Jessica, and Diane was reading the book Little Rabbit’s Loose Tooth to Ava and Brinley. Ava showed her loose tooth, so I told her I had one too. “In fact,” I said, “mine will come out!” and I pulled it out and showed them. They were not nearly as impressed as I had wished them to be. I shoved the tooth back in, but after that it refused to stay in place, falling out several times. (Pride goes before a falling out.) Finally Sunday morning, when it fell out on my way into church, I put it in my pocket. This morning, I went to the dentist (for a pre-scheduled appointment) and we agreed the tooth should stay out. The tooth that was refilled was preparatory to doing the work to get a partial upper denture anyway. Dentures could be way more cool anyway—pulling out a string of teeth all at one time. From the dentist, I went to my friend Dick’s place to take him swimming in the hot pool for therapy. While he got his exercise, I did my stretching exercises; the hot water was great for loosening muscles. I plan to do this every Monday morning this spring. From there to the thrift store as the coffee pot had quit working on Sunday evening. I found a new one for five bucks. Later I found a chip out of the glass carafe. I don’t know if it was there when I bought it or if I put it there myself when I brought it home. Anyway, I tweaked the carafe from the old pot and will use that. Cleaning the garage was next on the list, the idea being to put Diane’s car in for the winter. Once that was done, I cleaned up boxes in the basement and got stuff ready to bring away and to recycle.
The whole day seemed to be taken up with these little jobs, and to what end? What glory did I get and what recognition? I looked through the January issue of Snapd Hamilton, looking for my name—but it was nowhere. Where did I go wrong? Are fame and fortune not to come my way? As I thought that early this afternoon, I remembered Jesus saying that those who seek those kinds of rewards will get them here on earth and that will be the end of it; they’ll have their reward in full. But, if you do your daily deeds faithfully unseen, your Father in heaven will see and your reward will be one that is stored up for you where moth and rust and failing memories cannot rob you. Lose your life in everyone else’s and you will gain it.

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