Journal 2016 of Herman Proper

Journal 2016 Herman Proper

January 2 Saturday. What should one do to start a new year off right? Write? I have been growing in the conviction that I should do more with my education and focus my energies and time on putting my learning and experience to better use in making a difference in the world. Many things impel me in that direction. The Hamilton Spectator keeps talking about Hamilton and how it is thriving. I’m taking courses in literature and history to explore my interests in native issues, social justice, postcolonialism and imperialism, Canada’s role in the world, the Christian’s role as a citizen in the state, and the Six Nations reserve nearby. I am surrounded by a new Liberal government with its vision for Canada, the refugee crisis and the invitation for many to come to Canada, the new emphasis on dealing with climate change and these all are initiatives that I think I should – and I want to – have a say and an influence. I am uneasy with my lack of engagement to date. Lord: what would you have me do? Am I able to take what I have learned and am continuing to study and give it focus and drive in one direction? “Unite my heart, Lord, to fear your name.”

I saw the invitation in Christian Courier to apply for a column-writing position or a short-term Review Editor as an opportunity to move outwards. Christian Courier has become an interesting multi-voiced witness of how we Christians can affect our society and our earth. I sent an email to and we’ll see what happens. It’s time.

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