January 4, Monday. A busy day! Diane and I washed the oak floor, all one thousand square feet of it. We moved furniture aside, washed, let it dry, moved furniture, washed, let it dry, and put the room back together. I worked on my study and did a major job of clean-up, getting things off the floor and onto shelves or on to some new destination, such as the thrift store or the recycling bin. Only a few things went into the woodstove or the garbage. Getting ready for school – that’s what I was doing, getting a fresh start, getting ready to organize and be diligent in the rest of my life. Well, this year at any rate. Tomorrow classes start along with assignments. At least I have a head start, having read Waterloo June 18, 1815, the story of the battle in which the Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon in his final downfall. Now, at 9:40 in the evening, I’m deciding whether to read or to watch a movie. With my cleanup, the door to the movie closet can be closed, in theory lessening temptation. Alas! Temptation does not come from without, but from within; that’s why – as James says – God cannot be tempted nor tempt us, but it is our own inward sinful desires that tempt us. If I accept that truth, I should be more responsible for my actions and their consequences. So I should read. I decided not to read through the Bible this year, as I have for the past four out of five years, but to read devotional and theological books instead, such as by N. T. Wright and Eugene Peterson. I found it ironic that the pastor, in his New Year’s Eve sermon, urged us all to read the Bible and recommended several one-year plans. I decided to stay with my plan and have already started Reversed Thunder: The Revelation of John & the Praying Imagination by Eugene Peterson. It approaches the Revelation as being “The Last Word on …” Scripture, Christ, and more. Having finished four chapters, I find it fascinating. Stay tuned.

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